Has anyone ever sworn allegiance to CANADA

Has anyone ever sworn allegiance to CANADA and the Canadian people?


by Daniel J Towsey





It’s very simple. Can you answer the question I have asked?


Please provide your answer in the comments box below.

If you can find any public service that has a sworn allegiance to the

Peoples Government of Canada and to the Canadian People..


I recently did a virtual tour photo series, shoot of Admiralty House

at The Maritime Command’s Naval Museum in Halifax.


I took a picture of each of the two identical plaques on the two opposing walls

of the main entrance way to the historic

Admiralty House of The Maritime Command Museum.



Here’s what it says on the plaques;


Remember Well Your Oath of Allegiance

“ I do sincerely promise and swear that I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to her majesty”



A few weeks later I went to the Navy’s floating museum ship……located on the water front.


The first thing that I took notice of, is that the public is being told that the ship is the

property of a private museum trust and that the ship is not military property.


 But I saw a military police officer at the dock where the ship is

and I asked him if this ship is still military property.

He confirmed that it is still very much military property.


Which actually means that anyone who steps on board.

Would then forfeit their civil legal rights and could effectively fall under military law.


This floating museum charges an admission fee.

There is a small shed on the dock where a member of the military collects these fees.


The attendant called me “Sir” ..I know that he was being polite

and respectful. But I asked him not to call me sir, as I am not in the military.


He was kind of surprised.


I then took the opportunity to confirm with this attendant

if the military still swears the same allegiance you read up above.


He confirmed that the allegiance has not changed. I then stated to him that

I think it is wrong for our military to swear allegiance to the

British Majesty’s Corporate New World Order.

I then said to him that our military should swear allegiance to the

Canadian People Government and the Canadian People.



The attendant was not pleased about my comment.


He then said that he would be pleased to give me a free personalized tour

of the ship and that I should return on the week-end

when there well be many cadets present.


I did not like the sound of it..I never came back and I never

completed my photo shoot of the floating museum.


Now here’s another thought for your.


Our Former Prime Minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau. Gave the public the

impression that he effectively severed all British control over Canada.

And he therefore gave us our “Canadian Bill of Rights”



So then why is there no Sworn Allegiance to the

Peoples Government of Canada and the Canadian People?


Is it because Canadian Truth, Justice, Equality and Freedom has come to







To learn allot more about the dreadful condition of Canada’s remaining Democracy.

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Become A Truth Soldier in the war against civilization

by the New World Order International Corporate Communists..

before your silenced for ever…



Pam Suggs WoW!~ I don’t swear on anything but I will Affirm~

Pandaroo Slac Excellent work…..I agree

Steffan Carden I did!

Daniel J Towsey The military has sworn allegiance to the queen and the queen has nothing to do

with Canada..so who is the military working for?

Steffan Carden All laws are enacted in the name of the Queen.

Daniel J Towsey Then the laws are unconstitutional and invalid

Steffan Carden oh common, that is not reality

Steffan Carden it is wishful thinking

Karun Towsey

Australia recently had a chance to remove the queen as head of state. They voted not to,

because the alternative would be just another politician. The role of the head of state is to

protect the interests of the people. That is all. The arm…ed forces pledge loyalty to the head

of state so that elected politicians cannot use the military to stay in power, as we see in countries

like Kenya, Zimbabwe and Sierra Leone. People trust this queen because they know that she has

nothing to gain by backing one side or another in any political dispute, and that she believes in

protecting the democratic rights of the people. Overall it might not be rational, but then people are

not just rational, they are also emotional. They put their faith in this monarch who is above politics

and the system works. We thus have stable countries; UK, Australia, Canada, NZ. QE2 has been in

power now for 57 years. If she had some secret agenda, she would have done something about it by now.

The stability that this system brings means economic progress as well.See More

Steffan Carden omg Karun, you are so right. I never looked at it this way. But as it is Karun I agree with you

Daniel J Towsey I live by the Canadian Constitution and the people of Canada being the sovereigns..

That is not wishful thinking..That is true democracy and not the dictatorship hiding behind the queens skirt

Karun you are so wrong..

An elected politician means DEMOCRACY and not tyranny..

The Queen is not the head of state or anything lese..
She is just a powerless puppet figure of the New World Order.

When is the last time you ever heard the Queen speak?

The Queens militaries have been destroying and killing everything.
They are destroying the environments, cultures, societies etc etc.
They are stealing everything.

The white Europeans are now hated all over the world.

Democracy is nothing but an illussion due to the rigged elections.

The credit system that the whites live off of is a fraud and robbery.

Thw whole world is now in a truth revolution.

All the sheeple are now arming themselves with truth.

The truth revolution is here.

The seeds of truth are being sown.

“When the seeds of truth are sown the grassroots
truth revolution will blossom from the enlightenment”

There is no stability in the countries you mention,
what there is is a tyraany and police state.

Where the police and covert agents commit every crime imaginable 
against the people..

Belive me I know, I have been a victim of it repeatedly.

Karun you write like a NWO professional troll..
I will take you off my friends list if I see it again..

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