An intellectual conversation with A Truth Soldier and Bob

An intellectual conversation with A Truth Soldier and Bob

Everyone, please note that this coversation starts off about my difficulties.

But it carries on into the very serious issues the free world faces at the hands of the insane

‘Old Boys Banksters Club’ So do please, listen all the way to the last sentence…

it will amaze and enlighten you..guaranteed.

A conversation with bob about my chair may 18 2012

bob says.

hey Dan hows it going

dan says.

i am still trapped at home… my broken electric wheelchair is still here.
bob says.

I was talking to catherine morse, she said she contacted the people to get your chair fixed

and what ever other issues you needed help with ????

Do you want me to call her back and tell her that you still have not gotten your chair fixed?

She told me, she contacted the people to get it fixed and that she would not let you be in a

bad position.

Maybe they are being slow to get to you, which is the way of government workers.

they are very slow from what i have seen in the past.

dan says.

The chair is beyond the problem is that there are no licenced, trained or

qualified wheelchair mechanics here in Nova Scotia.

My chair is beyond repair and it is still sitting here.

bob says.

geees the chair is made from parts and i do believe that they can replace the parts

to fix the chair ???

maybe i dont know about chairs but everything can be fixed.

dan says.

The chair needs to be replaced.The frame is bent.

They would have to completely rebuild the whole qualified or licensed

mechanics in this province.

bob says.

It sounds like its in really bad shape for sure.

Who repairs the chairs here in halifax? Is there not one chair repair shop here ????

dan says.

It has always been in really bad shape.

They have spent over 10,000 dollars on unnecessary repairs in the past year.

bob says.

What model is it?

dan says.

invacare tdx sr.

I can not ride it anymore and I do not want to risk my life in that chair ever again.

bob says.

Yah, I see what you mean.

hey have spent to much on repairs and it breaks down a lot.

To bad they dont make them better, But I have restored many cars and

motorcycles which were junk, and they ended being fine machines again.

Just as safe as any others on the road.

dan says.

I was an ace mechanic and I owned two of my own repair shops. Known as

“Towseys Welding and Auto Repairs” The chair I have has no frame to speak of.

It is really poorly made.It is an indoor chair.

bob says.

I think as far as your old chair is concerned, it needs a restoration to the highest of degree,

but all that is needed is a responsible repairman that knows his trade since there are no

mechanics here. you really are between a rock and a hard place, geeeees that sucks,

but im waiting on a call back from SCOOTER / WHEELCHAIR REPAIRS

dan says.

I only go outdoors with my chair. my weight and the really poor sidewalks is not a

good combination. I need a rear wheel drive H framed outdoor chair.

bob says.

ohhh, I see, that chair cant take the sidewalk wear and tear thats why it’s all twisted up.

dan says.

yes. and the so called mechanics have soaked in huge amounts of money for bad repairs

since they did not know what they were doing.

bob says.

Yah!  I see that it will always be breaking not strong enough to take outside riding.

dan says.

they never knew what they were doing and never fixed the problems.

Nor did they care to. Even if they knew the real problem.

They only cared about making money.

bob says.

That is a real problem Dan, I did not realize what the capabilities of your chair is and

it is not suited for sidewalk travel.Yah! That can happen, you must have to sign a

repair bill, no good repairs, dont sign till its fixed properly.

dan says.

No the government pays the bills without referring to me.

They never listened to me ever, and the repair shops are all crooks.

They just billed what ever they wanted.

They often never replaced anything and just billed for thousands of dollars,or they

installed used parts and pretended they were new.

bob says.

Well, I would tell your worker what they have done to you, the repair guys cant get

away with that, thats dishonest and can be corrected.

dan says.

It is criminal. I told the workers and the government Ministers.. they just ignored me.

I wrote this that explains it all

oops wrong link.

bob says.

Dan, I have learnt a long time ago that my way I say things to people makes a difference in how they understand.

I call it a play on words, and most workers never been in the real world.

So I had to go where their minds can understand.

It may sound weird but it can work.Yes

I have been on that link and thats how I made the calls and was forwared to Cathern morse.

Do you have the number of the repair shop guys. maybe I can reason with them and

come to an agreement for you on getting a proper fix on your chair.

dan says.

yes, but the second link is a lenghty one.

You can listen to the video transcript.

It will make it easier then reading.

I am no longer going to deal with repairing this chair. It is not safe to use.

bob says.

Your digitized videos are very cool Dan. I like them a lot, your a real artist man.

dan says.

Will also, those videos help some disabled people who can not read the screen or use a computer easily.

bob says.

Your a very cool dude, I really like your style, and what you say is the truth and nothing but the truth,

you are not wrong when you state that they dont care.

I think that they only have a job, and are not taking it as serious as they should,

as they are not disabled and dont really know what its about.

I am watching your video transcript now.

dan says.

That video transcript covers it will.

I gave a text copy to all the authorities and they all ignored me.

bob says

iit is just a job to them.

They function under their rules of their jobs, which I have no idea what those are,

but most government employees have no compassion.

If they had to walk in your shoes, then they would know what disability

and pain there of is, they have to be put on the spot. I think.

But how to do this is not only the question but will be the answer.

dan says.

The problem is that they corporatized our governments.

We the people no longer have representative governments.

bob says.

You sure have covered the reality of the corporate repair flunkys in your

video transcript.

Yes, we know what they are, but they rule the nest,

and until they are takin in hand and made accountable.

You and others will suffer under them.

dan says.

Us older guys know what a really free and open democratic country we used to have.

The New World Order has stolen our country.

bob says.

You betcha, they have stolen it in the 70’s, and now are all settled in to maintain

their lies and unlawful control.

That will end, I, and we have the right to stop them.

It is our duty to protect our childrens future. Which I can say is at risk.

dan says.

yes you are right about the early seventies. read this about me running a

federal election campaign and what I discovered in 1984 in Toronto.

I have to check something.

I think I have a video transcript version of this post on another site.

bob says.

Yes, I viewed your, a truth soldier facebook page and read the link on elections.

ohh those sneaky corporate zombies.

dan says.

I think it is included in this one, “Once upon a time there was a Canada”

youtube video

bob says.

Yes, I downloaded that video and archieved it. Very good one.

dan says.

Thanks.You can re upload it to your youtube channel.

bob says.

We still have common law Magna Carta which is like 800 plus years old.

There were some very smart and good people back then.

I think we need a Magna Carta for the modern times, so that it is clear

to the corporate clowns what they can and can not do.

We may have to re write our human rights to deal with governmental

corporate entities, which are run by a bunch of controlled and subjugated retards.

I dont have a youtube channel, yet.  lol

dan says.

Magna carta was cancelled in law in the USA and Canada with t

he North American union also known as Deep integration,

Canada is following the American dictates

bob says.

They made a Magna Carta back then and it stood the test of time.

Why cant we rewrite it to suite the tyranny of the corporations,

and put them in their places?

dan says.

That no longer exists. Now they can torture, kidnap, kill, steal or do what ever they want.

NDAA, CISPA, the military commissions act, the Patriot Acts. etc. etc.

the list is very long and have ended all due process.

bob says.

A Canadian Magna Carta for the 21st century is what we need,


dan says.

humm. I think a revolution is needed first.A Truth Revolution.

bob says.

No, it is very strong in common wealth countries and still stands as strong as ever.

The american USA may be playing with their citizens, b

ut we still can claim Sovereignty.

dan says.

The American peoples government no longer exists…

it is a world bankster tyranny now.

They with their fake money think that they now own the world.Remember our

governments are gone.

we now have a world crime syndicate. It is called corporatism.

bob says.

The Queen is the Sovereign leader, and she would never let it go.

Because it would end in defeat, but they are doing their power rule thing

by corporate power manipulations,

through the money system presuming consent from us,

which is fading and I have stated that they no longer have my consent

to rule over me. Never will they have this power over me, till the day I die.

dan says.

The queen is just a puppet figure.. She has absolutely no power or control.

She is controlled by the banksters and always has been.

bob says.

Their fiat money is only as good as accepted by us, yes they have been buying

people here in the government, there is always a way.

dan says.

Yes… A REVOLUTION…First a revolution of the mind.

bob says.

We would have to get everyone to claim non-consent of governance and to

claim Sovereignty of the natural born person under common law jurisdiction.

dan says.

I agree.

We are still a common wealth and we need to take our rights and governments

back, but also we have to include the rights of the natives of North America.

bob says.

With our own Magna Carta made to suit these times which have fallen on us.

It is not too late yet, I know this is true, but time is fading.

dan says.

Yes, What is fading, is the light of truth. We are entering into the last dark ages.

This is it. If we the good people do not wake up, speak up and start up.

We are doomed.

bob says.

Dan, you and me ARE Native North Americans not only Canadians on the Land.

dan says.

Yes we are. But we are earthlings first.

This New world order empire is taking over the whole world and destroying it.

bob says.

The original natives indian people they named Aboriginal which is the ab thing,

not normal  add ab to normal, Abnomal, this is how the status lie has been done to them.

dan says.

interesting. did you like this facebook page yet

bob says.

yah, this is a cool site you have many good sites that are the best I

have ever seen.

bob says.

I just told my father the ab normal scam and asked him what he thought,

he said, probably  lol.

I got him half crazy about this stuff, hes old but quick as a whip and he

does agree that the government is crap and they are doing wrong,

especially in the usa.

dan says.

It is worse then anything one can imagine…the usa is under seige and marshall law.

it has been completely taken over.i am now setting this new site up. canadian

bob says.

Not for long, the government will loose, they cant take out all the free people,

and we all know what that means for the corporate clowns.

They will do some damage but they will pay for their treason.

dan says.

Americans have been buying over 5 million firearms a month for the

past year and a half.

The last free society will not give up.

bob says.

Yah, I have this video a long time ago in my collection but it’s in two parts

is yours in two parts.

dan says.

do you listen to alex jones daily radio show?alex is great!

bob says.

alex jones is an american hero, and all his followers, which I am one,

I watch his videos, but I am not into daily radio shows,

but he is the best out there on what is going on ,I am suprised they

have not killed him yet, amazing.

The elite know he is loved by millions and if they did kill him,

the followers would retaliate in so many ways, that they do not want to martyr him.

dan says.

I use the free ‘Juice’ podcast downloader to get all his radio shows.

His radio show can be listened to anytime in a browser with this link

bob says.

Ron Paul is great considering he works in the usa corporation,

but this guy is out side their box,

because he supports the constitution first then everything else is second.

dan says.

Ron Paul is the real American President.

The New world order banksters just kept him from being official.

bob says.

check this video out,  How All Americans Have Been Sold Into Slavery,

it is very good.

Just some more of the same corrupt shits but very well done.

dan says.

here is the link to the video

Common sense has been destroyed in the minds of our young peoples

in the schools for the past 35 years with social engineering.

But the young have been listening to us old guys on the internet for the past ten years..

They are the new world generation.

They will take their freedoms back.

Even if the net gets shut down.

It is to late for the insane secret “OLD BOYS CLUB”

the world wide Truth Revolution also known as

THE AWAKENING is here and now.



From Bob

Hey Dan

i was just talking to Cathern Morse 424-4310 at the Health Ministry and she was very AWARE and nice and was concerned about your problems, she says that the proper people were contacted and they are looking into your chair repair .she had nothing but good things to say about you,she believes you are truthful and honest, and considering what terrible things that happened to you, which caused your injuries .you are very much a surviver in every way and she said that it is a miracle that you survived your injuries and that is in her own words ,and she says that she will try and help you with all your issues, so that you will not have to worry in the future,she sounded very sincere,stated to me that you are a concern to her and she is helping in all ways she can, i hope this news will raise up your spirits a little,as this is all i can do to help you,out of all the calls i made this last recieved call from Cathern seems to be the best of them all, your budd Bob Renner,best of luck to you through these hard times.


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