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Corrupt Canadian Elections (Vote Fixing)

This is how Islam is taking over Canada..and this how we are going to lose our freedoms..and then our lives…

I warned you all long ago and you did not listen and you are still not listening

Audio-video transcript

NOT 'Our Gov'

written and witnessed by Daniel J Towsey

updated April 30th 2012

NOTICE; Please read my other article that provides much more information on this issue at,

I wrote this document entitled Remedy for our stolen democracy,

In hopes that you’ll realize that this is information which all Free Canadians need to know, to insure the protection of our democracy.

This statement has previously been released to all members of our Parliament.

This has been read by many people on-line at the Internet’s World Wide Web, at public forums, on line news medias…and more.

  Remedy for Our Stolen Democracy

Dear Citizens: Please read this.

(originally written 2001 and revised after June 30 2002)

We in Canada have a very serious problem with corruption in our voting process.

It has been going on since approximately 1969.(since the use of computers) I witnessed this as a result of working on a federal election campaign.

We have a very old voting system that is extremely flawed. First, it has to be understood how a voting station (polling station) works.

Polling stations are manned by public volunteers from all represented parties. All activities and ballot counting is witnessed by them in the polling stations.

When the polling station closes, the witnesses manually count all ballots for each riding.

Then the results are reported by telephone to an undisclosed location (and local campaign headquarters).

At which time the someone sitting at a computer terminal can enter any vote results he or she feels like entering,

as there are no witnesses present for this process.

In Canada, there is no way to verify those computer results. As, all ballots are blank.

The ballots are useless once the witnesses leave the polling stations.

There is no way to verify the accuracy of the information that is entered in the computer bank.

We have no safe guards against the corruption of vote results.

Most corruption will occur in highly populated areas.

Since these activities will likely not be noticed.

Another thing to realize is that while the votes are being counted, no one knows what the vote count results are at the other polling stations in the riding,

and in this way if the results reported on the television are wrong.

None of the witnesses well be aware of it..

Realize that each riding has many polling stations.

So none of the witnesses really knows what the total vote count is for the riding..

This makes it very easy to corrupt the vote count.

Only the campaign headquarters knows the vote tally.

Please understand that once the witnesses take their eyes off the ballot box and leave the polling station the votes mean nothing.

The witness should be given a document signed by every witness indicating the vote count at that polling station.

Also the vote counts for each polling station should available on line after the election so they can be verified and scrutinized by the witnesses to make sure there is no discrepancies or errors.

This is not the case and that omission proves that that is deliberately so.

And as I discovered when the fraud happens there is no remedy for it. Who would believe it.

It is to be understood that if even the smallest possibility for vote corruption exists.

Then all possible safe guards should be put in place for the witnesses to eliminate it.

I suggest that we put into place a system where all ballots have a unique UPC bar code on the backside.

Then each polling station would be allotted a predetermined number of ballots.

The location of each and every ballot would be accounted for, through the whole voting process.

The ballots would randomly and anonymously be given out to voters at each polling station.

At the end of the day the used and unused ballots could be counted manually as well as with a computerized counting machine (Scanned with computer).

All activities need to be monitored by the volunteer (public) witnesses.

The ballots will still need to be counted manually. In this way, all ballots will be accounted for in the whole country.

To further safe guard.

I repeat, Each and every volunteer will be given a printed signed copy of the results, to keep, before they leave the polling station.

So that results can be collaborated in the future by the volunteers at an on line site or manually through public records.

There should also be any other security safe guards put in place to ensure that the possibility for corruption never exists again.

Note; The chief reporting electoral officer should have no authority to do any certifying of vote results without public witnesses from the represented parties being present to witness all his certification activities…

Our votes need to be protected. Our democracy starts at the polling stations on the day we vote. Lets make sure it does not stop there!.


Sincerely, Mr. Daniel J Towsey

All truth passes through three stages

First it is ridiculed

Second it is violently opposed (attacked)

Third it is accepted as self evident

Arthur Schopenhauer, Philosopher1788-1860

Corrupt Canadian Elections [Aug 30 2005].pdf RIGHT CLICK SAVE AS TO DOWNLOAD

I recently did this series of live (April 29 2014 in Nova Scotia)  testimonies for a public record so that people in our elected government have been made aware of my dangerous situation and that my life is in serious danger.

This series of testimonies is very revealing all the way back to my running a federal election in York Center Toronto 1984 against the then Solicitor General of Canada Bob Kaplan who created Canada’s secret Police CSIS where upon I was told that Bob Kaplan has issued their first contract on me to destroy me.

Here are Bob Kaplans very words he screamed at me in front of a whole crowd of reporters on a public street

“We are going to destroy you.

We are going to make you so destitute

that you will have to resort to crime to survive

were upon we will put you in one of our prisons.

Where we will have our fun with you”


After which time he lifted his hand to gesture to his uncover special agents.

He then yelled at all the reports that they are not permitted to ever report what they just heard.

THIS IS DO OR DIE disabled wheelchair user testimonies

His goons then took all the reporters notes and anything else they had.

Some where stripped searched on the street.

The goons made sure that everyone there was totally terrorized and scared.

Thereafter the reporters never mentioned any of this.

DO NOT VOTEWho Owns You?

Published on Feb 4, 2014

Who owns you? Are you anyone’s slave?

If you like this video, feel free to check out the website –, follow Josie on Twitter at @JosietheOutlaw1 and Instagram at @josiewalesoutlaw….and share with anyone and everyone YOU feel needs to hear this message.

Thousands rally in Toronto against 2011 Election Fraud and ‘Robocall’ Scandal –

March 11, 2012

Produced by the Toronto Video Activist Collective (
Copyright © 2012 TVAC. All rights reserved.

Election Fraud in Canada

The Deception by the Leadership of the COC

and Other Canadian NGO’s re Election Fraud–CWPa-T0KpF6

When will the real activists of Canada realize that the leadership of the CoC has always been and continues to be the fifth column serving the purpose of
containing and preventing real activism and change. THey do great work in researching and exposing the evil powers around us (the roll of the fifth column- to deceive, pretending to be on the side of “good” ) but have never,
never, ever promoted or supported anyone or any group or any party that committed to ending the evil practices.

They supported the “fluff” and actively campaigned against any one or group seeking real democratic substantive change.

Like Canada’s major unions, The COC line has always been to sit at the table with the globalizers drinking tea and eating crumpets, wining and dining, talking endlessly about amelioration and humanization but going nowhere, except marching protestors off to Timbuctoo as they did in Ottawa years ago (I was there) at a globalizers meeting when the COC and Union and other NGO leadership and the ndp and the environmentalists marched the thousands of protestors away from the site of the globalist’s meeting and off into nowhere land.

Many of us did not fall for this trick but instead left the prescribed route and marched up the hill, stormed the fences anyway, suffering the rubber bullets and teargas.

The globalists play the song well in tune with our betrayers.

No, David, the COC is not at all “non political”. They are very political indeed fulfilling Orwell’s double speak language serving the globalist masters.

Note that they only get active in “safe” fights. They are silent on chemtrails;
on smart meters; on the severe radiation hazard of Fukushima and our governments refusal to protect and inform us citizens of the extent of harm and of ways to ameliorate it; on Canada’s participation in the crimes against humanity in the invasions and destruction of and thefts from the Middle East,and of the
murder of innocent civilians there; and most importantly they are silent on the fraud and outright theft by the financial elite who are stealing with impunity from the commons and deliberately imposing regimes of impoverishment on the 99 % (the rest of us.)

It is only when enough of us rise above their deceit converging in common cause that hope will succeed.

The amazing response of the people is way ahead of the COC. The job of the COC now is to ensure that that response marches off to Timbuctoo again.

Connie Fogal

Quoting David Creighton <>:

Good interview (below) Steve!
I know that the CofC is strictly “non-political”, but sometimes—such as when we may have an actual ‘stolen election’—it may be worth being a little bit partisan, n’est-ce pas?
Meanwhile, keep up the good work

On 09-03-2012, at 7:03 PM, Council of Canadians wrote:

Dear Council of Canadians supporter,

It’s only been one week since we launched our national survey on election fraud but already the response has been amazing!

The Council of Canadians has received hundreds of reports, with claims of deceptive and harassing phone calls coming in from concerned voters right across the country. We’ve been able to get our message out even further through the media, including nationally televised interviews (you can watch these below). And new reports are coming in every day.

Thank you to everyone who has already filled out our survey. If you haven’t yet, click here to do so now. You’re directly helping to expose the nature and extent of these dirty tricks, and identify federal ridings where voter deception or interference may have influenced election results.

Voters and candidates in a given riding can apply to defend their legal rights under the Canada Elections Act. However, there may be an urgency to act if sufficient knowledge has been gained of such attempts to deceive or interfere.

“Canadians need to understand their rights in the Act”, says Jean-Pierre Kingsley, Canada’s former Chief Electoral Officer. “If an individual elector in a riding feels that there has been an irregularity, fraud, corruption or illegal practice that has affected the result, they can launch a legal action to annul the result. It’s great that the Council of Canadians is working to inform Canadians of this right.”
The Council is now analyzing all survey results by riding to determine next steps, including the possibility of supporting applicants who wish to pursue legal action. Ridings of particular interest have emerged, including:
Nipissing-Timiskaming – margin of victory = 18 votes
Etobicoke Centre – margin of victory = 26 votes
Yukon – margin of victory = 132 votes
Elmwood-Transcona – margin of victory = 300 votes
Saskatoon-Rosetown-Biggar – margin of victory = 538 votes
Mississauga East-Cooksville – margin of victory = 676 votes
Winnipeg South Centre – margin of victory = 722 votes
Don Valley East – margin of victory = 870 votes
Willowdale – margin of victory = 932 votes
Vancouver Island North – margin of victory = 1,827 votes
Kitchener Waterloo – margin of victory = 2,144 votes
South Shore-St. Margaret’s – margin of victory = 2,915 votes
Eglinton-Lawrence – margin of victory = 4,062 votes
We need your help and here are two ways you can right now:

1 – Please fill out our survey now. If you know someone else who received fraudulent or misleading information around the 2011 federal election,
particularly in one of these ridings, please forward this on to them too.

2 – Make a donation now to help keep our Election Fraud Campaign moving forward. And if you’re not yet a member of the Council of Canadians, join today!

It’s thanks to your support that the Council of Canadians is able to take a lead role in this crucial issue. Working together as Canada’s largest citizens advocacy group, we will vigorously defend this most fundamental of our democratic rights.

Thank you,

Garry Neil
Executive Director
The Council of Canadians

See below to watch national media coverage of the Council’s election fraud
campaign. And remember to fill out our survey at

VIDEO: Robocalls: CTV News Channel: Garry Neil, executive
director, March
1, 2012

VIDEO: Robocalled legal rights. Steven Shrybman, a lawyer for
the Council of Canadians, discusses how Canadians affected by fraudulent phone calls during the last federal election can assert their legal rights, CBC Power & Politics, March 1, 1012

CSIS: China Controls Canadian Politicians

Published on 17 Nov 2012

CSIS warns Canadians that Politicians are under the control of China.
Sign up to Defend your country

CSIS warns of threats of foreign takeovers
Report comes as Tories review Chinese firm’s bid for Nexen

CSIS warns of threats of foreign takeovers

Report comes as Tories review Chinese firm’s bid for Nexen

By Jason Fekete, Postmedia News September 22, 2012

As the federal government re-views a proposed takeover of a Calgary-based energy company by a state-owned Chinese oil giant, Canada’s spy agency is warning such acquisitions can pose a threat to national security.

The shareholders of petroleum producer Nexen overwhelmingly approved Thurs-day the $15.1-billion US foreign takeover of the company by the China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC). The proposed take-over – and the political environment for future foreign acquisitions – now rests in the hands of a Conservative government conflicted on the issue.

The vote by Nexen share-holders came the same day the Canadian Security Intelligence Service warned in its latest annual report that some state-owned foreign companies are pursuing “opaque agendas” in Canada and that attempts to acquire control over strategic sectors of the Canadian economy pose a threat to nation-al security.

The CSIS report does not identify specific state-owned companies or associated countries.

“While the vast majority of foreign investment in Canada is carried out in an open and transparent manner, certain state-owned enterprises (SOEs) and private firms with close ties to their home governments have pursued opaque agendas or received clandestine intelligence support for their pursuits here,” CSIS says in its annual report, tabled Thursday in Parliament.

“When foreign companies with ties to foreign intelligence agencies or hostile governments seek to acquire control over strategic sectors of the Canadian economy, it can represent a threat to Canadian security interests. The foreign entities might well exploit that control in an effort to facilitate illegal transfers of technology or to engage in other espionage and other foreign interference activities,” the report adds.

“CSIS expects that nation-al security concerns related to foreign investment in Canada will continue to materialize, owing to the increasingly prominent role that SOEs are playing in the economic strategies of some foreign governments.”

The CSIS report also high-lights that knowledge is power in today’s global economy, especially in areas of science and technology, meaning Canada is a prime target for economic espionage.

With that in mind, many countries are going to great lengths to find an advantage, the report says, which has led to “a noticeable increase in clandestine attempts” to gain unauthorized access to proprietary information or technology.

“As a world leader in communications, biotechnology, mineral and energy extraction, aerospace and other areas, Canada remains an attractive target for economic espionage. Several countries engage in economic espionage against Canada to acquire expertise, du-al-use technology and other relevant information related to those and other sectors,” the report adds.

“It’s important to note that those who commit economic espionage are not just interested in domestic Canadian interests and resources. Canada’s commercial interests abroad are similarly vulnerable. The implications of economic espionage on Canada can be measured in lost jobs, in lost tax revenues and in an overall diminished competitive advantage.”

The government’s review of the proposed Nexen take-over will consider a number of factors, including whether CNOOC, as for all state-owned enterprises, adheres to Canadian standards of corporate governance as well as how and the extent to which the non-Canadian company is owned or controlled by a state.

© Copyright (c) The Ottawa Citizen

Read more:

Corrupt Canadian Elections (Vote Fixing)

Programmer under oath admits computers rig elections

Published on Apr 18, 2011

Software programmer says US elections are rigged and that US Representatives tried to pay him to rig their election vote counts.

Rigged Elections – Clinton Curtis’ Sworn Testimony

Clinton Eugene Curtis, a computer programmer from Florida, testified before a congressional panel that there are computer programs that can be used to secretly fix elections. He explains how he created a prototype for Florida Congressman Tom Feeny that would flip the vote 51%-49% in favor of a specified candidate.

This happened all the way back in 2001 but you might not have heard anything about this claim unless you searched for it. I’ve seen a Wired News report on this topic and a few local Florida newspaper stories but otherwise, no real media coverage has been provided. You’d think claims of election rigging software would be splattered all over the News yet as it turns out, our news media prefers to point out voting fraud in other nations but not here in THE UNITED STATES.

Mr Curtis a Software programmer who worked for NASA, Exxon Mobil & the US Department of Transportation in a sworn-oath deposition testifies that US elections are rigged by inserting software into the voting system. The timing of this deposition was just after George W Bush being re-elected president of the United States. We are not surprised that this never made it into the main stream media.

Mr Curtis goes on to name US Representatives who attempted to pay him to rig their election vote counts.

Transcript of sworn testimony by computer programmer Clint Curtis, before the U.S. HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES Democrats of the Judiciary Committee, December 13, 2004, as seen on video above follows at the link below.

Thankyou to TheTruthPusher

2012 Election RIGGED – This is going Viral

Uploaded on Feb 18, 2012

I was Assaulted and Staff threatened to kill me at Ruth and Naomi Mission in Chilliwack BC

This is my first post about serious issues of death threats, assaults and also being denied food at the Ruth and Naomi soup kitchen mens shelter

Daniel J Towsey

This is my first post about serious issues of death threats, assaults and also being denied food at the Ruth and Naomi soup kitchen mens shelter in Chilliwack BC. All the events against me started way back in May of 2016.

So please stay tuned to this post as I will be upload much more information and video reports.

RCMP conversation about assault on me at Ruth & Naomi Mission in Chilliwack

Uploaded on Dec 9, 2017

View original post

How The Carbon Tax Will Further Destroy Canada – Lies Deceit Fraud Greed

Published on Oct 18, 2016
Josh Sigurdson talks with author and economic analyst John Sneisen about the fraudulent federal carbon tax being imposed on provinces in Canada by “Little Potato” Prime Minister Justin Trudeau who’s using his globalist authoritarian rule to destroy any remaining Canadian sovereignty while pushing the willing lower class into debt.
This carbon tax could cost each Canadian $2500 a year. The price will be set at $10 a tonne in 2017 and $50 a tonne by 2022. This will affect small businesses, rural Canadians and the poor more than anyone.
This will help further monopolize major subsidized corporations and bring Canada even further towards fascism. This is an absolute joke. From Trudeau claiming he would allow provinces to decide during the election to saying he will enforce the will of the federal government on the provinces today, this is a total takeover by the globalists after the signing of the climate deal at the UN alongside UN ‘Agenda 2030’.
We have no say and people’s good intentions are being used against them. Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall is looking into taking legal action, as is Yukon Premier Darrell Pasloski. Let’s influence cleaner alternatives with demand and stop sitting around asking for government to do everything for us! We are walking apathetically into total enslavement. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

“You Are A FRAUD!” Smart Woman EXPOSE Justin Trudeau In HEATED Argument

Published on Nov 21, 2017
In a congress hearing held earlier this year mrs Rona Ambrose confronted Justin Trudeau and demanded he provided proof for what he did with all the tax payers money. And Justin Trudeau as usual was speechless allond stammering.

“He’s RUINING CANADA” – Tucker Carlson GOES OFF On Justin Trudeau

The Ugly Truth About Justin Trudeau | Ezra Levant and Stefan Molyneux

Published on Apr 29, 2017



to being targeted and this is a very important video.


This report proves i am falsely accused, was high jacked, taken, tortured, targeted to be murdered and that thousands of my records were illegally manipulated 2018-2019


1. THE CULLEN REPORT© SGC 2. The Cullen Report 2017-2018-2019 This report answers to why dominating Jews, mapled Muslims, thousands of Pentagon officials,…

  • 2. The Cullen Report 2017-2018-2019
  • This report answers to why dominating Jews, mapled Muslims, thousands of Pentagon officials, companies, nations which received from the IMAX Corp. and the nations and states thirteen decades ago when parliament was first in session and generations of people and their rulers & educators & authorities madly or evilly suppress & repress an interest in youth
  • I must first ask ; Are citizens reporting system persons elder-napping, labeling, neglecting, assaulting, deadly drugging & terrorizing? After a decade+ of fighting for seniors rights I now know liquid-nitrogen-hearted-persons did not let me know my aging parent passed away while they were at work to advance ammunition at my writings.
  • I tried communicating to Edmonton Corporate office of Alberta’s Mental Health Board at 10180 101st 7fl in 2007, yet in stealth without a reason eps cops were called to stare & intimidate while I spoke ‘to advocate’. Downstairs I asked cops why they were called. Curtis Hoople badge #2456 said he didn’t see why as I came across well in my communications &addedly he said I might seek media to get heard!
  • In 2017 I found she died in 2011 chillingly only 4yrs after she was taken. I was just told where her head-stone is. The story and strength of an old woman was trampled and murdered by pride of system persons and I wasn’t told a funeral was held.
  • Interestingly I emailed hundreds of system persons for years yet for 4 yrs they didn’t contact me to tell me she passed. They knew yet repressed and advanced ammunition.
  • Now they want to bury a greatly needed Lantern of paramount knowledge. Now , In 2015 I was taken and closed inside Remand Hells to take and put to death my life & reporting.
  • The reporting was on non-lawful broad-messaging. The records and the words seen inside my report (reveal why) we must (re)(define); policing language, worldwide securities, and court stages.
  • March 16th 2012 at 1:46:17pm I received an email from the world renowned Professor Fred Berlin of Johns Hopkins University. Berlin was emailing to express thanks for sending him a pdf update of the Cullen Report. He appeared & disappeared. Berlin was later accused of things and left the picture but not as Professor Richard Gardner who stabbed himself in the chest with a butcher knife cause he couldn’t handle and judge non-lawful broad-messaging.
  • In his reticent email he said;”I really appreciate you sending me this report”. He had time to search & skim the report.
  • Now August 2017 I present the answers. Earlier reality report operations were in 2009. I uploaded a June 2009 phone-call with the Canadian Attorney General’s office. I told the federal office that all material before June 7th 2009 is not the report.
  • – The Justice Minister’s DMA said; “Yeah exactly, you told me that the real thing is the June 7th report, nothing before that”. Strangely I later got a letter recording a earlier May 13th update. In the federal letter he wrote July 20th 2009; “Dear Mr. Cullen, Thank you for your correspondence of May13th 2009 in which you enclose a copy of your report regarding child porn”.
  • AttorneyGeneral-R.D.Nicholson The report wasn’t on that, but was identifying a great nation to nation Brewery of illusions.
  • Once proof of the truth one shares appears adequately see-able, denying the one fighting propaganda fired at the knowledge a propos people and youth is to falsely accuse and threatened, since that repressing is defaulted to riding propaganda currents or tides! Its not a Freudian out. Its a act to side and ride a current of non-lawful broad messaging. Its perverting, and why is that ‘assists’ causing loss of security with respect to perverting. Thus we see that threatens citizenry worldwide.
  • Now you see that that denying or fruitless braying anger is attempting an arrogant reversal which threatens by calling on non lawful broad messaging. Its a passionless escape into synthetic dignity. (sin)thetic! And so perverts are those which choose to not really listen.
  • What armies of darkness could not and would not figure out for their selves was forced on me. I raise the truth I named; “Genesis’s Bi-known”. They don’t really want truth. They step up and trample on the great height of a truth teller as a way to exalt their self. They madly played on the awareness that there is an equilibrium of words one must find otherwise all falls like a house of cards. They acted as if the work of trying to find the fitting words to stand and fight was a mess caused by (me) while they saw a warship of words nearly built, a vessel of a report which will set the poor free and conquer false witnessing.
  • They act out bad faith, not I the reporter. And heroes and advocates are not real while they violate the judgement principle seen within Habakkuk1verse thirteen.
  • Like any fire alarm the conscience is an alarm system which falsifiers program, wire, causing a worldwide illusional matter from non-lawful broad messaging!
  • Of modern records the matter I bring to light is that of repressing knowledge of a nearly non existable but from time to time existable primary prettification and so those who do not need zone like cosseting but have ascended a nascent nature.
  • Persons confuse to deny the existence of all which ascend passed non-readied formative stages. (formative /see old oxford). They confuse using all appearing (at) or near exiting nascent, yes confuse using all appearing near entering appositeness, yes all who are not ready but in little time are. The existence of that nascent numerator is easily-confused affectedly from fast (evilly false-alarming) language, and from that naturally is illusional-over‘riding.
  • The knowledge decloaks a war of acting to pervert and divert. Such are twistingly nonamenable at real truth calling people to definedly see youth.
  • I investigated evidences of Genesis’s Bi-known and I am not appetized by or open to their condoned internet material posings & solicitations. I report ; “Genesis’s Bi-known”. I was taken inside system hells to crucify and bury my needed reporting & life. The reality text reveals an of course low ‘but existable# indexed-the-lesser-aged, which are of ready points and that madly the file and fate of any is by whether or not reality’s existable exceptions are admittedly identified and recognized by system driven macro messaging.
  • Bad listeners pervert. I am a scientific reality writer and so I prove the reality of the world. If any hate that I tell of the text of Christ then they need to at least show respect like they do when they stop at a red light which they want to run through if not any were watching.
  • I am in deed giving the 100% reality yet traitorously arrogant and disgracefully insulting persons fangedly & mindlessly thrusted false shame and turned their noses up at my written works and at warnings of my life needs.
  • Yes not simply cursed enemies but they which dare call their selves advocates, persons of knowledge, church persons. The light yes reality is come, and yet persons were not showing good character to bear with me and they banished like my friends were from the Revelation 3:7-13.
  • Political persons and heads of households design their selves into human cubic zirconia yet they are not diamonds, and into the finest pyrite, not real gold. Now clearly none magically turn mature when they blow out candles on their 18th birthday.
  • On just scales we know scientists reminding that reproductive systems are ready at 12 doesn’t prove all are ready to shut out risk and furthermore clad is conscious of the need to shield anatomy but is not proof of armor.
  • Provenly seen from the World’s-records & truth is proof that in the natural world outer differing stages are of such a not far from mirroring but contrary nature that if confused in the mind’s eye of society that misleads to periling illusions there is unboundedness and sense is lost.
  • Reality was never what they name orientations but always nearly non existent exceptions. I’d say .03% or greater. You are now an eye-witness of the Godly revelation of Genesis’s Bi-known. And therefore confusing the reality is ‘nuclear’ at the function of conscience neural circuitry, equating into shock to minds.
  • A revelation the revelation proving systems and societies willingly do not correctly know what they are saying a propos youth and children is paramount, is touchstone. That raises summit and core questions of national security Worldwide.
  • False witnesses said I am of vengeance but I say I am of Isaiah 54:17 and that verily all was forced on me. I was not and am not raging with judgments like Samson from the Bible and seeking vengeance at political adversaries.
  • Without the revelation of Genesis’s Bi-known there is not any real way to fight the lies which devour and pervert youth and children and people in all the World.
  • False witnesses act as if I am proud yet they know they belittle I who am a teacher of trustedness judgments, yes of the wisdom of littleness knowledge.
  • They acting to lower I who appear as such, thus are souls of the most potent pride of all. They which are of a violent nature destroy worth, yes are destroyers of worth. I might appear proud as I say the knowledge came from myself and not any other but what I have said is that seeing doesn’t prove they got the truth in a way which approves them!


  • 3. I judged, what, by itself turns the world into lies. You may choose to look the other way, but you can never again say you did not know’.W.W. And as I revealed on the fifth page, do not forget that the most violent people believe their own lies and so will tell their self they are not madly repressing while they dishonor the revealed truths.
  • We see proof of a great world Brewery of illusions, and the World appears drunk in lies. People who agree with the report make sense. Governors know the Century’s history records narrated non-biknown-based sanctioning inside of the earth’s cities. And liars with petrol-hoses steered all away from truth.
  • What will help any further get Genesis’s Biknown is all I named Involuntary Parietal Occipital Printing found on page 8. Lost souls act violent to claim they are passionate – yet its not passion. new-he/ -The warnings from others seen here is not afigmentof mentalhealth matters.
  • There is a real matter of authorities terrorizing my free speech rights and a real matter of police and system persons forging propaganda and profiling to bury free speech. 2016 news showed a example of that. * BC Judge Catherine Bruce made history in Canada and North America when she ruled that John Nutall and Amanda Korody convicted on terrorism charges were in reality entrapped by police neighboring Alberta.
  • Theactivist Ruth Adria told the law firm owner Ronald.A.Morin that I was abducted by system persons to bury my writings and public interest reporting. June 13th 2017
  • I heard the news of a Edmonton eps peace officer under Kidnapping and sexual assault charges, accused of flashing police car lights to trap and threats to use false charges to manipulate.
  • The witness I wrote of testified to panel officials, yes testified that I was subjected to non-lawful facility detaining, torture and testified that the side of persons advancing at my rights is; quote unquote; “full of holes and contradictions”, and the Albertan testified that as a court-room observer she witnessed that Edmonton’s appointed-Crown, “admitted” on June 16th 2016 that its not able to discern (10 months passed) whether or not the processing to verdict is real.
  • Miss Adria referred to page four of the July 19th 2016 court record which reminded of that from June 16th when the Crown spilt out such a message with respect to visual aid material I emailed officials for years. I told that to a lawyer named Laurie Wood who agreed stating; Yeah why were you taken and facedwith processing then. Lawyer Guy Doyon declared in court that there appears a system outrage advanced at my life and public interest reporting.
  • I say as God as my witness that outside of court Lawyer Ronald A. Morin three times referred to me as a literary genius and said I was thrown in the remand under BS trumped up indicts, and he said my case is the most important free speech case in the country.
  • He has earlier data and my final August 2015 data.
  • That June 16th day was a year and day after June 15, 2015 which marked the 800th anniversary of King John of England who reluctantly affixing his seal to the Magna Carta, a charter of liberties supported by a broad coalition which established that nobody, not even the king, is above the law. I found proof that (great masses) of people are crooked sociopaths or brainwashed. Next to Canada New York State legalized the viewing for its State of twenty+ million. How can a thing next to Canada of that great mass not exist? legal-in-new-york/ And the Internet Watch Foundation reported that nearly 200 companies said they’d not report to police if employees download material. “The results are shocking” said IWFs Exec.Director Peter Robins. Now how is IWF reporting that not Capital to all citizens? And likewise (5200) officials, heads of the Pentagon accused of downloading material of preteens.
  • That was on Gov’t computers. That is not an excusable number of elite people, but is a sign. And you were not told the IMAX corporation giant was licensed to make & market material of youth for British societies of Europe in the 1970’s. And inside the scope of all citizens Canada let older men make corporal videos of 14-yr-olds, (2001Supreme Court ruling). (2016 news reminded of that.) Barabash & Rollison. Of course truth is not that a want at inchoate is natural, but that there are pieces to a great puzzle people are not really justifiably settling.
  • 2510234.html
  • And I found evidence of Albertans acting as gangs which act as incest loving persons which call their selves Hebephiles which I found stated on the internet, “Together We Stand Divided We Fall”. People say they know truth, and yet they do not want heard that adversaries which targeted my needed reporting and life are accused by Canadian writer and inventor of the game Scruples Henry Makow who wrote May7/2008; “Under a thin veneer of Law we are governed by a secret network of persons of warped knowledge masquerading as prominent lawyers, judges, politicians, businessman and Police Chiefs”.
  • And hiding behind jesting terms FKN Newz said they are; “running your country, in fact running any institution through which they may perpetrate rape upon defenseless and vulnerable children, watching each-others backs, working their way into power & influence so such persons (running systems) are not investigated.
  • How many appearances of cover-up does it need before people take it as a fact”. And for years police recorded witnesses reporting that a top broadcasting producer Jimmy Savile (with no formal education), with system persons was committing sexual acts on handicapped detained children inside of hospitals and psychiatric institutions for decades, facilities run by governing persons throughout modern nations of Britain.
  • And we know people are brainwashed when violent persons madly project their perverted soul at me, author of Genesis’s Bi-known, while the Washington Post and is re-reporting that every-7-seconds-a-girl-under- 15-is-married, and that 140-million-will-within our decade, and while cnet reported that a 12 year-old Albertan murdered her family after they blocked her.
  • Lawyer B.Hewson admitted, messaged; ‘What we have here is (devilish) manipulation of the criminal justice system to produce scapegoats on demand’. Targeting my writing fits! Alberta Edmonton & Calgary shutting me inside where wayless walls of its facilities bury me using people & things, is a example.
  • British NavalOfficer diplomat ‘BrianGerrish stated; ‘The state is now attacking its own citizens. Its obvious they know of and are apart of (whats going on)’.
  • Alberta MP R. Anders said on cpac; “I have seen things happen on a federal level. MPs were are offered young females. I’ve seen a lot with my own eyes. I think the matter is far worse than Richard Fadden has let on”.
  • Any which deny my report forfeit their right to claim they understand, govern & guard children. How people each narrate their self is a choice. Cause of her not showing correct faith I told Ruth Adria that she is brainwashed. She wisely stated; “you might be right”.
  • With respect to material I was forced to exhibit, I warned her not to commit the folly of others falling in breach of the Habakkuk verse thirteen principle which warns; “You claim your eyes are too pure to examine evils and claim you cannot examine such wicked things. Why then do you look at those acting treacherously and why do you hold your tongue whilethe lesser righteous wickedly act to devour the-one”. Yesnot seeing the knowledge a person might unintentionally cause their self to appear not real. Residing people of the world are found saying that they don’t want heard the crest question of how we follow ‘the narrate’ as we know history recorded that PM David Cameron’s special child porn Advisor Peter Rock was found with material. And the political news correspondent Jane Merrick wrote that Cameron admitted that inside nations high street stores sell clothes which sexualize little children, using skin tight shorts, mini-skirts and lace lingerie.


Images for The Cullen Report 2017-2018-2019

“The paradox of Gordon Cullen: between international celebrity and a limited career … Cullen and Nairn collaborated on a global attack of the deterioration of the …. of the TPo clearly stated that the report did “not represent the views of the …

Right click link below to download pdf file.

The cullen report Shawn Cullen – SlideShare

Sep 3, 2017 – The Cullen Report 2017-2018-2019 This report answers to why … why) we must (re)(define); policing language, worldwide securities, and court stages. …… I Shawn Gordon Cullen testified of above records in court room(s) on …

Sep 2, 2017 – The Cullen Report 2017-2018-2019 This report answers to why dominating Jews, mapled Muslims, thousands of Pentagon officials, companies …


John Nuttall and Amanda Korody two Canadian Muslims were found guilty of terrorism charges

Editorial – Entrapment: when does fiction stop and reality start?

john-nuttall-and-amanda-korodyBy Monia Mazigh – In June 2015, John Nuttall and Amanda Korody, two Canadian Muslims, were found guilty of terrorism charges. They were arrested because the RCMP alleged that the pair wanted to blow up the B.C. legislature. Since 2001, several Canadian Muslims have been arrested and convicted of terrorism. One of the most known terrorist cases is the Toronto 18. In that particular case, some defence lawyers tried to argue that their clients had been entrapped by informants who inflamed them and facilitated their plotting. At that time, these arguments were rejected by the judge and several of the accused were convicted of terrorism charges.

What is unusual in the case of Nuttall and Korody is that during their trial, the judge became concerned about the possibility of entrapment of the couple. Indeed, an RCMP undercover officer posing as a rich Arab businessman befriended them and helped them with their plot. During the trial, the head of an RCMP team tasked with investigating possible terror suspects testified at the B.C. Supreme Court “that he had concerns about entrapment and abuse of process near the start of a police sting.”

The couple’s defence lawyer argued that Nuttall and Korody were manipulated by RCMP informants to detonate pressure cooker bombs in the Victoria legislature on Canada Day in 2013. The couple, who converted to Islam, suffers from drug addiction and lived on welfare before they were arrested. Furthermore, police notes suggest that Nuttall could have a “mental developmental delay”. These facts are important to mention because, if the judge founds that entrapment took place, they would add to the evidence that law enforcement has a pattern of targeting vulnerable individuals as potential “wannabe terrorists”.

In 2013, a US Congressional research service report mentioned that “since the September 11, 2001 (9/11) attacks, the FBI has implemented a series of reforms intended to transform itself from a largely reactive law enforcement agency focused on investigations of criminal activity into a more proactive, agile, flexible, and intelligence-driven agency that can prevent acts of terrorism.”

Indeed, one of the methods adopted by the law enforcement agency is the introduction of an informant or “agent provocateur” into the life of “vulnerable people” to talk to them and encourage them to commit a terrorist act.

In 2014, Human Rights Watch (HRW) released a report, “Illusion of Justice”, that documented 27 counterterrorism cases. The HRW report indicates that, “according to multiple studies, nearly 50 percent of the more than 500 federal counterterrorism convictions resulted from informant-based cases; almost 30 percent of those cases were sting operations in which the informant played an active role in the underlying plot”.  Moreover, the report found that in many cases where entrapment had been deployed, people with mental and intellectual disabilities had been targeted.

Back to Canada, the use of entrapment seems to be a possible reality in the case of Chiheb Esseghaier and Raed Jaser. A wealthy Arab businessman, in reality a FBI informant, posed as someone who wanted to help the suspects into conducting violent acts. The mental status of one of the suspects (Chiheb Esseghaier) and the precariousness of the financial situation of Raed Jaser and the legal status of Ahmed Abbasi(1) in Canada (who was released after spending 17 months in detention in the US), were used as vulnerable factors to draw the suspects further into the terrorist act plotting.

This, of course, doesn’t excuse the sympathetic ideas that the suspects hold regarding violent ideologies but nevertheless it is interesting to consider the question: “would they still have planned or committted any acts if the undercover agent didn’t encourage them to do so?”

In Canada, an independent investigation is needed to tell Canadians whether the RCMP has been using the same entrapment strategies as the FBI. The decision of B.C. Supreme Court Justice, Catherine Bruce, regarding the entrapment of Nuttall and Korody could be the best reason to do so. However, the trial has been suspended after CSIS refused once again to turn over documents relating to their involvement in the plot. We could be in the dark for a very long time.

(1) According to Karen Greenberg, the director of the Centre on National Security at Fordham Law School in New York, Ahmed Abassi’s case seems to be the first and only time that the defence of entrapment was successfully used to have terrorism-related charges dropped.


Canada is scary Governments run by Criminals

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